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We offer Copper, Brass and Aluminium Components,

Our range of products include Copper Forged Parts, Copper Turned Parts, Copper Earth Bars, Brass Eye Bolts, Brass Gas parts,
Brass Spacer, and Brass Hex Adapter For Gas Fittings.

Copper Products

Copper Earth Bars
Copper Forged Parts
Copper Machined Parts
Copper Switchgear Parts
Copper Turned Parts
Copper Washer

Brass Products

Brass Airline Fittings
Brass Bolts
Brass CNC Parts
Brass CPVC Upvc Fittings
Brass Fittings
Brass Neutral Link
Brass Plug Pins
Brass Valve Fittings
Threaded Inserts Wood
Ultrasonic Inserts Plastics

Aluminium Products

Aluminium Neutral Bars